Mark Alan Ruffalo is an American actor and filmmaker known for his roles in films such as The Kids Are All Right, 13 Going on 30, and Zodiac. He also has a recurring role as Dr. Bruce Banner/the Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ruffalo was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin on November 22, 1967. His mother (Marie Rose Ruffalo / née Hébert), a hairdresser, and stylist is of Italian descent, and his father (Frank Lawrence Ruffalo Jr.), a construction painter, is of Irish descent. Ruffalo’s siblings are Tania, Nicole, and his late brother Scott. He married Sunrise Coigney in 2000; they have three children together – Keen, Bella Noche, and Odette.

Ruffalo started his acting career in the late 1980s, forming his own theater group while bartending to support himself. His on-screen career started with minor roles like “Due South” and “A Gift from Heaven”. He made his debut in a larger role with the 2002 film “Collateral Damage”.

Ruffalo has since appeared in films like “We Don’t Live Here Anymore” (2004), “Zodiac” (2007), “Shutter Island” (2010), “The Kids Are All Right” (2010), “Foxcatcher” (2014), and “Spotlight” (2015).

Mark is one of the most underrated actors of our generation. He has the ability to disappear into a role and make it his own. He has starred in some of the most iconic films of the last decade, including The Avengers, The Normal Heart, as well as a breakout role for him as Matt Flamhaff in 13 Going on 30. He is a true chameleon and a master of his craft.

Mark Ruffalo is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. He has starred in some of the biggest blockbuster films of all time. However, he is also known for his philanthropic work. He is an advocate for many causes, including environmentalism and human rights. This fansite is dedicated to taking a look at some of the things that make Mark Ruffalo such a special person.